Organic Carrot Oil

What is Carrot Oil?

Our carrot oil is made by macerating (also called infusing) organic carrot roots in sunflower oil.

Carrots hold about 90% water and since water and oil do not mix and water is a source of potential bacterial growth, organic carrots need to be first dried. Dried organically grown carrot roots are then infused into the organic sunflower oil and stored to airtight containers. This phase takes weeks, as we do not want to use heat to speed up the process (because heating would decrease the precious skincare properties of carrot oil. The end result of the process is an exquisite organic carrot oil.

Benefits of Carrot Oil

Organic Carrot oil has many properties that are beneficial to the skin, here are a few important ones:

  • Great natural tanning accelerator
  • Helps to minimize and reducing wrinkles
  • Helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin
  • Moisturizes and adds antioxidant protection to the skin
  • Helps to get glowing skin and even skin tone
  • Lightens the skin
  • Stimulate hair growth and strengthens hair roots
  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Suitable for dry skin

Using Organic Carrot Oil for Tanning

The most popular use of organic carrot oil is tanning. Vitamin A is one of the key vitamins in carrot oil. Vitamin A helps to strengthen the skin and make it ready for sun exposure. With the abundance of vitamin A, carrot oil makes the skin ready for tanning.

Apply carrot oil once a day, preferably in the morning. This helps the oil to begin to work throughout your body. Put a small amount of carrot oil to your hands and rub it onto your entire body. Another way to apply it is by putting a few drops of carrot oil into your moisturizer.

For the best tanning result, mix organic carrot oil to SPF sunscreen lotion (organic certified sunscreen lotion preferred). The carrot oil acts as a tanning improver and does not have SPF in it. Carrot oil does not prevent the burning of the skin, in case long periods of time are spent sunbathing.


organic carrot oil

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