Organic Carrot Oil

What is Carrot Oil? Our carrot oil is made by macerating (also called infusing) organic carrot roots in sunflower oil. Carrots hold about 90% water and since water and oil do not mix and water is a source of potential bacterial growth, organic carrots need to be first dried. Dried organically grown carrot roots are then infused into the organic sunflower oil and stored to airtight containers. This phase takes...

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Organic Shea Nilotica Butter - Luxurious Shea Butter

What is Shea Nilotica Butter? Unlike the more common Western African shea butter, which is often hard and waxy, this Northern Ugandan raw, unrefined shea nilotica butter is creamier and softer and has more beneficiary properties than any other shea butter variety. Due to these qualities, it is considered more luxurious compared to the Western African shea. It melts and spreads nicely on the skin which makes it wonderful multi-purpose...

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